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The PrimaFruit company utilizes the latest methods and technologies for harvesting eggplants, as well as the use of skilled and trained workers in a fully hygienic environment and in accordance with the requirements of the International standards, to make eggplant packing and packaging completely perfect. The company, with the help of agricultural experts, has taken evaluated the quality of its eggplants so with PrimaFruit brand, all end-user needs to access a healthy product will be met.

The major markets for Prima Fruits eggplants are Russia and Iraq. Dear customers, You can send your request to the trading department of the company. Also, greenhouses and eggplant farmers can contact the company’s trading department and use the technical advice of the relevant experts to participate in the process of exporting eggplant.

Annual Production in Iran: More than 2,000,000 MT
Main Production Areas:  Alborz, Khorasan, Tehran, Azarbaijan And Isfahan Provinces

Varieties: Black, Purple
Inside Color: White-green
Season: All year round

Recommended Transit Temperature: 10 to 12 C / 2 weeks
Desired Transit Humidity Percent: 90 to 95%

Packing: 5 Kg (GW), 10 Kg (GW) / Nylon Polybag – Plastic, Cardboard Box
Size: 150-300g

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