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Sweet Cherry

Sweet Cherry

Iran is one of the major producers of sweet cherry around the world, about 30 percent of which is exported to Russia, and the rest is exported to neighboring countries, Gulf states, India, and China.

One of the most high-quality cherries of Iran is cultivated in the Neyshabur region. They usually handpicked in 8 kg baskets and after being washed enter the cold store for increasing shelflife. Sweet cherry is an expensive and sensitive product which requires delicate and swift handling using a refrigerator truck and special packing.

Each year, at PrimaFruits, we send our experts to the farms to select the highest quality sweet cherries for our clients. We suggest you to Contact PrimaFruit team before purchasing any types of fruit, we do our best to help you in choosing the right product and avoiding potential losses.

If you plan to buy and import cherries, consult with the experts of PrimFruits Co.

Annual Production in Iran: More than 25,000,000 MT
Main Production Areas:  Alborz, Neishaboor, Tehran,  And Isfahan Provinces

Varieties: Sweet Red & Black cherry
Skin Color : Red & Black
Inside Color : Pink
Taste : Sweet
Season: May to October

Recommended Transit Temperature : (-1) to 4 C
Desired Transit Humidity Percent: 90 to 95

600 g, 2 KG, 8 Kg

Basket, Punnet, Cardboard Carton

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