Sunseas Business Group

“SunSeas Business Group” is an international business-trading group specializing in export Iranian high-quality goods and also import raw material for industrial factories. We also promote and advertise Iranian high-quality foodstuff, extending their products market, investing and financing on their projects for growth in global market and development in the entire world.

“SunSeas Business Group” exports Iranian goods, especially Iranian Date, Iranian Fruits and Iranian Nuts, to European, American and Asian Countries

“Nakhil Dates”  is the title of one of our subsidiary company which exports Dates products of the absolute finest quality available. We respond to customers’ needs by proposing competitive prices, good quality products, and reliable services. For any order, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Additionally, if your company is a food manufacturer or importer of organic sweeteners; “GreenPalm” is another “SunSeas Business Group”  subsidiary company which exports various dates products such as dates honey, dates paste and etc. Please visit our website ( and contact us id any further information was needed.

“PersiaNuts also is one of our subsets companies exporting Iranian world-famous nuts and related products. All of our product are available at “PersiaNuts  website and you can also contact us for any further information.

We also have established our new company (“PrimaFruits”) which works in the field of exporting Iranian first-graded fresh fruits, freeze-dried fruits and also fruits concentrate. “PrimaFruits” is one of our most promising company, which we believe it will be a huge success in fields of fruit exporting. please contact us for more information.