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Bell Pepper

Bell Pepper

The bell pepper is a cultivar group of the species Capsicum annuum. This beautiful vegetable has a wide range of colors from dark green to deep red. In contrast to their beautiful and attractive appearance, their flavor is rather mild and sweet.

The colorful tasty pepper due to the cultivation conditions and the high standards of our greenhouses has very high quality and therefore it’s one of our favorite products suitable for export to Russia, Iraq, UAE (Dubai), Qatar, Kuwait, and etc.

One container of this product can include various types of bell papers in different colors, which are placed in 5 or 10 Kg cardboards after accurate sorting and eventually stacked on the pallet.

Annual Production in Iran: More than 1,000,000 MT
Main Production Areas:  Alborz, khorasan, Tehran, Fars, Azarbaijan And Isfahan Provinces

Varieties: Green, Yello, Red, Orange, Mix colors
Inside Color: White
Taste: Sweet, Spicy
Season: All year round

Recommended Transit Temperature: 5 to 7 C
Desired Transit Humidity Percent: 90 to 95%

Packing: 5 Kg (GW), 10 Kg (GW)
Size: 150-200g, 200-250g, 250-300g

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