Hayward GREEN Kiwifruit is The most common variety identified all over the world. Its skin is brown and hairy with a shape like an egg. The inside green body includes a white core and tiny, black seeds. Ario GREEN Kiwifruit energizing taste is mixed of sweet and sour, suggestive of melons, strawberries and also with its own singular taste.

Annual Production in Iran: About  200,000 MT
Main Production Areas: Mazandaran, Gilan, Golestan

Varieties: Hayward
Skin Color: Golden Brown
Inside Color: Green
Taste: Sweet  & Sour
 Season: October  to Jun

Recommended Transit Temperature : 0 C
Desired Transit Humidity percent: 90 to 95

Tray : 3.3 Kg (GW), 3 Kg (NW) : 24 Pcs,  27 PCs , 30 PCs, 33 PCs , 36 Pcs

Crate : 4 Kg  / 10 Kg

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