Golden Apple

Golden Apple

Golden Delicious is another apple type which in comparison to Red Delicious apples is a little sweeter. This apple type is juicy and has a crispy texture. Regarding its shape, Golden Delicious is fatter and rounder than the Red Delicious apple type. Also, Golden Delicious apples are mostly used for baking, making applesauce, and especially salads because they have a stable texture and do not turn brown quickly.

Annual Production in Iran: more than 500,000 MT
Main Production Areas: Azerbaijan, Alborz, Khorasan, Tehran, And Isfahan Provinces

Varieties: Golden Delicious
Skin Color: Complete Yellow
Inside-Color: White
Taste: Sweet
Season: September to Jun

Recommended Transit Temperature : (-1) to 4 C
Desired Transit Humidity percent: 90 to 95

10 Kg (GW), 9 Kg (NW) : 33 PCs , 44 PCs, 50 PCs
18 Kg (GW), 17Kg (NW): 66 PCs, 88 PCs, 100 PCs
21 Kg (GW), 20Kg (NW):113 PCs, 125PCs, 150 PC


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